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Armoured cabinets

The versatility of a cabinet,
the security of a safe

Press-formed steel cabinets are an ideal solution for protecting documents and objects of various sizes. The security cabinets offered by Vuesse fit into any environment and can be the ideal solution for protecting documents, valuable assets, medicines and much more, not only from break-ins but also from fire, smoke and significant temperature fluctuations. Each armoured cabinet is designed to meet any need: all products meet high quality standards and are burglar and fireproof certified. In addition, Vuesse guarantees the transport, installation and repair of the cabinet at its intended location.

Security cabinets

Security cabinets are the ideal solution for use inside homes, professional firms, offices, shops, schools and hotels. They are extremely robust with a single 3 mm thick press-formed steel sheet structure. In addition, there is a thick manganese steel armour plating to protect the locking devices. Along the hinge side of the door there is a robust profile with a pull-resistant function that is joined to the cabinet body. The security lock complies with the UNI EN1300 standard.

Athermic cabinets

Athermic security cabinets are made with a double wall containing a highly insulating material. This ensures the safety of the items stored inside at high temperatures. The insulating power is essential to protect valuable documents or assets from temperature fluctuations due to fire or to heat sources.

Fireproof cabinets

With a fireproof cabinet, the security of the documents inside is assured. They are useful in various solutions and provide protection against both fire and theft. A fireproofing certification is issued for this type of security cabinet, which is able to protect the items inside for 60 to 120 minutes.

Armoured cabinets

When looking for a solution with high protective performance, the armoured security cabinet is the ideal installation. Consisting of steel and concrete, the armoured security cabinet can hold important documents, luxury goods, electronic devices and other associated items. They can be used in offices, businesses or even pharmacies to store medicines or in barracks to store weapons or narcotics.

Protective cabinets for magnetic media

A certified fireproof cabinet that is designed to store magnetic electronic media such as memory disks, magnetic tapes, DVDs, computers, and various electronic devices.

Modular cabinets

Opting for a modular security cabinet arises when space is limited, and problems may arise in transporting and positioning an armoured cabinet. The modular type is characterised by its easy assembly directly in the location where it will be positioned, thus guaranteeing the possibility to reach different rooms.

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