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ATM systems

Security solutions for ATMs

Over the years, attacks on ATMs have increased exponentially: according to the latest estimates of the relevant authorities, system break-ins take only a matter of minutes. In this very short space of time, the criminals manage to accomplish the deed and escape with the loot without being intercepted. The damage caused to the structure often greatly exceeds the economic value of the theft.

Following careful market research and an analysis of criminal acts, Vuesse has included a number of targeted solutions in its product range to counter these increasingly frequent occurrences.

protezione sistemi ATM
  • Delays or completely thwarts the criminal act
  • Imposes as little damage as possible to the structure
  • Possibility to remotely control the system
  • Connection to alarm systems

  • Easy installation and use of the protection system
  • Reduced risk of theft
  • Limits the damage inflicted by an attack
  • Protects operational staff and customers
  • Solutions adaptable to all circumstances

Explosion-explosive proof

It is an ATM security system consisting of a protective mask that is installed on the front of the ATM: this obstacle prevents criminals from inserting solid explosives inside the shutter.

Anchoring – Plinth or Anchor

Ground fixing system for the ATM or safe, adaptable to any model. The system is certified up to an impact force of 30 tons (test no. BS6399). Anchoring is an effective solution that achieves extremely high levels of protection at a moderate cost.

Shutter control - S.C.S. Shutter control security

It is a secure and necessary accessory. The Vuesse control is distinguished by its state-of-the-art technology consisting of a control unit that is more powerful than the standard devices already installed in the ATM. It is able to better detect unauthorised handling of the ATM shutter, so that it immediately triggers an alert to the connected alarm systems.

Fogging system - Bankfog

For deterring attacks with explosives, the bankfog system was designed and patented specifically for the banking environment. Adaptable to any type of ATM system, the fogging system is remotely controllable, can be integrated into ATMs and other existing mechanisms, and has a stand-alone function thanks to its control unit. It requires no maintenance for 3 years, barring any attacks.

Limit ATM attacks with ATM security systems.

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