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Technologies and systems

State-of-the-art locks and devices


The protection systems associated with safes, vaults and armoured cabinets consist primarily of electronic or mechanical locks. It is also possible to combine a series of anti-theft devices aimed at deterring and discouraging criminals by creating a situation in which they are unable to act: these include, for example, fogging devices, cut-proof protection or explosion-proof armouring.

The technologies proposed by Vuesse are state-of-the-art and, through careful analysis with our professionals, it is possible to combine the best protection system suited to the product or asset to be protected.

Electronic locks

Locks are the essential part of any type of safe. Combination locks have a closing system by entering a code that only the owner possesses. This innovative type is very convenient and just requires care not to divulge your access numbers.

Key Locks

It is necessary to be in possession of a key for a mechanical locking system. This type of lock requires maintenance care for a longer service life, as well as the obvious precaution of finding a safe place to keep the key for opening and closing.

Fogging devices

The diffusion of a thick, white curtain of fog will block the action of criminals within the area where the device is positioned. This solution is suitable for banks, tobacco shops, businesses such as jewellers or museums, and private homes.

Cut-proof protection

A safe with special cut-proof systems further increases the protection of the money stored inside. The device is made of strong, thick sheet metal that can withstand forcing with the aid of cutting tools.

Explosion-proof armouring

To counteract ATM explosions, explosion-proof armouring devices are often the ideal solution. This mechanism reduces the damage caused by the explosion or, at best, completely protects the contents.

Choose the most suitable protection system or technology to ensure your assets.

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