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Free to be safe

Vuesse Casseforti has always had one goal: to make any environment secure so that assets of any type, value and volume can be protected! Founded in 1984, initially as a commercial reference for a well-known brand of safes, over the years Vuesse has strived to search for the best products for increasingly specific requirements. The business has been consolidated over time with the inclusion of a series of services increasingly aimed at meeting the growing market demand, which can be summarised in sales, transport, installation and after-sales.

A comprehensive service
for burglar-proof security!

Vuesse has always been committed to providing the most comprehensive service possible: from the initial consultation aimed at gathering individual requirements and carefully analysing every detail, to the installation, via sales, design and delivery. With technical assistance provided by a team of professionals, the company is committed to delivering a thoroughly tested and refined product.


Initial consultation


Design and installation


Sales and delivery

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Versatility, originality and attention to detail

A team that is one step ahead with plenty of drive and many projects in mind. Vuesse is constantly growing and, thanks to the experience gained over time and collaboration with a variety of industries, it is continuously aiming higher! Every new idea and every demand is studied and fine-tuned into fully customised projects. Design-conscious and with an eye for modern technologies, the products Vuesse offers are adaptable to any requirement: from safes for private use to vaults for banks and industries.

The security market continues to grow

Initially established with a sales network primarily based in Italy, Vuesse has since expanded its distribution by also supplying services to the foreign market. Collaboration with countries that are showing increasing interest in the security sector has led the company to increasingly push the boundaries by designing and customising safes, vaults and other systems in an even more detailed manner.

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