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Safes opening

Technical opening of security systems

What is controlled safe cracking

The Vuesse safe-opening service is aimed at those who find themselves unable to access the contents stored inside safes, vaults, cabinets or safe deposit boxes. Primarily, the reasons for forcibly opening a security system can range from the common failure of locking mechanisms to the loss of a key or access code, or blockage caused by a break-in attempt.

Vuesse has a team of certified technicians for controlled safe cracking: the aim is to restore the safe's operation while limiting physical damage as much as possible.

Drilling and core drilling

To open a safe following a fault or after losing the keys or combination, it is possible to proceed with controlled safe cracking that consists of drilling the safe at certain points, guaranteeing the integrity of the safe's structure and operation. On the other hand, a vault can be accessed by means of core drilling, which allows the wall to be drilled through, creating access points necessary for operators to get inside.

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