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Collection, delivery and disposal

Your safe is in our hands

Safe collection

Vuesse handles the collection and reconditioning of used safes, security cabinets and vault doors. A service that smoothly enables the replacement of a product without having the burden of assigning the collection to another transport company.

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Safe delivery

Safe delivery is a carefully planned service, optimised over time by Vuesse. It is an operation that requires attention to the smallest detail in the planning of transport, the packaging of materials and the inspection of the place of destination.

Safe disposal

A service that solves any logistical and organisational issue: the disposal of safes for a replacement, for the closure or relocation of a business, is carried out by Vuesse with the support of a team of professionals who oversee every detail of the dismantling and transport of the material to a landfill site in compliance with the law.

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We provide professional collection, delivery and disposal of all safes.

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