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The armoured room
as unassailable as a fortress

When safes are no longer enough to contain the assets that need protecting, the most suitable solution is a vault: designed by Vuesse designers and specialist technicians, an armoured space is a solution suitable for both private or residential use and for the industrial sector. The secret to an armoured wall solution lies in a reinforced structure using certified materials and locking elements designed to guarantee maximum security.

security systems

Certified vault locks are mainly mechanical locks or electronic combination locks. Armoured doors, which usually block access to unauthorised persons, can be of different types and have various locking systems. Safe deposit boxes can be found inside strongrooms, especially in banks.


The best type of vault to be built in the predestined environment is designed according to the specific requirements. It can be a modular vault, which is a stand-alone structure or one that is fitted into a specific area. This type of prefabricated strongroom is versatile and can be adapted to any environment. A concrete vault is a masonry solution designed for industrial environments or banks.

Modular vaults

Modular strongrooms are the most flexible solution for creating your own protected environment. Their structure is impossible to drill due to the concrete mix construction. This is an advantageous solution as they can be adapted into existing environments and are easy to assemble.

Concrete vaults

It is a real armoured construction with a reinforced concrete structure with helical bars and a special concrete mix. Concrete vaults can be built like actual rooms in a house, thus equipped with all the comforts of a room: from ventilation to store fine wines, to the furniture of a bedroom or a bookcase.

cassette di sicurezza

Safe deposit boxes

Vault boxes are essential for keeping the contents of the vault in order and allow a higher level of security thanks to unique keys that are exclusively in the possession of the box holder. The vault boxes are made of press-formed sheet steel with an anti-tear hinge and a manganese plate to protect the locks. Inside there are ABS and sheet metal boxes of different volumes.


An armoured vault obtained with modular panels that can protect the contents against mechanical or thermal attack. Made of concrete mix, manganese helical bars and multi-purpose metal alloy, the sliding archives use either lock or combination locking systems.

Armoured doors

For total security, armoured doors are the only solution to install. Their strength will not allow them to be broken through, and their material withstands any kind of break-in. The armoured vault door is made of several layers and available in different sizes and colours.

Your valuable assets will finally be safe!

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