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How to quantify the security of a safe

Certifications are recognised throughout Europe, which is why all Vuesse products are carefully selected and certified for a market that seeks only the utmost quality.

Fireproof certification

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UL – Undewriters Laboratories

Passing each of the rigorous tests of the UL - Underwriters Laboratories - (American certification body) is not easy. The wording Classified above the UL mark, which must appear both in the box and inside the product, is proof that the product has passed all tests and that production checks by the certification body take place every year. Master Lock safes, filing cabinets and briefcases have passed the following fireproof tests: UL 30' 30-minute resistance up to 843°C. - UL 60' resistance of 1 hour up to 927°C - UL 120 resistance of 120' to 1010°C. The internal temperature during the test remains below 177°C, well below the 232°C at which paper burns by self-combustion. Explosion-proof test: The products withstand 30 minutes of flames caused by explosions at 1093°C without blowing up or breaking. Fire impact test: Heated to 843°C, dropped from 9 metres into rubble, then cooled and reheated to 843°C for 30 minutes, SentrySafe products remain intact, maintaining the optimum internal temperature for content protection.


Swedish fireproof certification without drop test. To lower the internal temperature, magnetic media protection products require an internal counter case generally made of wood. This type of test ends when the temperature reaches 1010°C at 60, 90 or 120 minutes and is then allowed to cool down without any further testing. The temperature inside the safe remains within the limits set for paper (177°C) and magnetic media (52°C) and is therefore suitable for protecting the contents.

EN 15659 – LFS 30P and LFS 60P

Products with this type of certification guarantee heat protection for documents and the like for a duration of 30 to 60 minutes - LFS 30P and LFS 60P fireproof certification respectively. The fireproof test for these certifications involves a fire test up to 840°C without a second phase to test the products against blowing up and collapse. The humidity level is not taken into account in the result analysis, but the internal temperature of the safe, which does not exceed 177°C, remains suitable for protecting paper documents. For this reason, LFS 30P and LFS 60P certifications are not suitable for the safekeeping of magnetic media, which require a maximum internal temperature of 52°C and a less than 80% humidity level.

EN 1047 -1

European certification in which the product is fireproof tested for 60 or 120 minutes and also dropped from 9.15 metres to check the product's resistance to building collapse. The products are subjected to stringent fireproof, drop into rubble and explosion tests. In the fireproof test, the product is left inside the furnace for more than 10 hours and the contents must remain intact. In the drop test, the safe is dropped from a height of 9 metres into rubble that is still exposed to fire. The safe must have no cracks and/or breaks in the structure and the contents must be intact. The product is then heated for a further 45 minutes to check that fire or heat cannot affect the contents after a potential collapse.

Fire Class P 350 – paper documents

Means that the safe is tested to protect paper media from the danger of destruction by fire. The temperature inside the product must not exceed 177° C. The resistance class is expressed as 60P or 120P, which means that the paper (P) in the safe remains protected for 60 or 120 minutes.

Fire class DIS 125 – magnetic media

Means that the product is certified to protect magnetic media in the event of fire. The internal temperature must not exceed 50°C. The fire resistance class is expressed with the symbol S60DIS or S120DIS which stands for 60 or 120 minutes protection for magnetic media (DIS).

EN 1047-1, UL-72, EN 15659 and NT 017 Fire Test
As the cabinet is exposed to fire for an exceptionally long time, the test period can take up to 24 hours.

Fire test

EN 1047-1, UL-72
As the cabinet is exposed to fire for an exceptionally long time, the test period can take up to 24 hours.

Fire test

A certified partnership

Vuesse recently formed a partnership with the Wertheim company to market security products such as prefabricated vaults and modular safes. The company offers a wide range of certified products in this specific sector. All Wertheim products benefit from Vuesse services such as supply, installation and maintenance.

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