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Safes Restoration

We breathe life back into pieces of history

Safe Restoration - before Safe Restoration - after

Restoring an old safe requires attention to detail, professionalism and dexterity: all work carried out by Vuesse thanks to the experience in the sector gained over time.

Restoring an antique safe or security cabinet means completely overhauling the product, the finishes, the hinges and all the mechanical details, followed by restoring the original colour and lock.

Painting is a delicate process that is performed by professionals who will be able to restore the old shades, such as the colour of wood that is often found in antique safes. The lock will also be restored, and if the key cannot be found, it can be made from scratch after a thorough study of the existing lock.

safes Painting

Want to breathe life back into your ancient safe with original colours and mechanism?

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