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safes Installation

Position and secure
your security system

In addition to sales and transport, Vuesse provides a professional and accurate installation service. The most appropriate installation for the intended location is studied and realised for each product. Thanks to its extensive experience in the safes sector, Vuesse can provide the right advice for any type of product: qualified technicians will be able to determine the safest and most suitable installation for the situation by assessing the space for moving, the position and the correct anchoring.



Safe installation

Based on the different types of safes, Vuesse provides the most suitable installation service.

It is important to understand exactly where to position a wall safe or a hidden safe in order to minimise masonry work. Free standing or large safes need to be positioned and anchored as securely as possible because of their size and weight, and to prevent the entire structure from being stolen.



Vault installation

The installation of a vault inside a bank, home or business is a complicated job that requires attention and professionalism.

Vuesse installs the designed vault inside the intended area, be it modular or concrete, with the help of specialised technical personnel. The relevant armoured door will be positioned, and all the required tests and checks will be carried out to ensure its correct operation.

Leave the work to professionals,

Vuesse will take care of installing your safe!

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