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Strength lies in security: protect your assets in the best possible way

Every safe must be able to guarantee the protection of all the assets inside it, and Vuesse has always worked to offer the right solution for each individual need.

Carefully choosing which safe is ideal for your working environment or your home is essential for a good night's sleep. From a variety of sizes to different types, Vuesse offers all kinds of safes: it is important to be clear about what it will be used for and what it will contain and protect, whether it will be a floor, wall or hidden safe, or which locking system is preferred. The products and services offered are customised and follow designs developed by technical experts.

Certified safes and
customised safes

• Having a certified safe is synonymous with absolute security: the EN1143-1 standard, for example, guarantees protection against burglary and fire. Safes are certified by a reference body that ensures their value by classifying them at different levels; they can also be customised in their colours, finishes and locking systems.

• By choosing a customised safe Vuesse can manufacture the safe you want with heights, colours, shapes and materials to your liking.


Thanks to an armoured structure and the possibility of installing precise and effective locks, wall safes are ideal for homes and businesses with a high risk of burglary, such as jewellery stores or amusement arcades, precisely because they can be easily placed in inconvenient locations that are difficult for criminals to reach.


An extremely efficient safe, due to its location and the difficulty of its removal. This solution is ideal for those who want to conceal their valuables in an easy to camouflage solution.


Unlike wall safes, free standing safes can be easily placed inside cabinets or on shelves with the option of anchoring. They are the best solution if you do not want to invasively affect the positioning area. Versatile and of various sizes, free standing safes, although seemingly easy to unhinge, are secure, certified and practical to use.


Hidden safes are all those solutions that can be concealed even in the least predictable places. They include safes concealed in electrical sockets, inside walls or skirting boards, or inside cars. Hidden safes can be of various sizes to ensure the security of your jewellery or valuables.


With two hinged doors, this type of safe can easily be found in the luxury industry. The structural features allow this type of product to be versatile, and therefore adaptable to any need: large size, innovative locks and locking methods, armoured interiors and customisable design.


Space will no longer be an issue! With modular safes, it will also be possible to access areas that are awkward to pass through with the means designated for transporting safes. Thanks to the modular panels, assembly will be quick and carried out by Vuesse technicians directly at the predefined location.


The cash handling deposit unit suitable for every retail or large-scale retail sector requirement. The machine securely controls the banknotes, dispenses and collects the desired amounts with extreme ease, guaranteeing secure storage of its internal value.

Choose to protect your assets safely!

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