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Questions and answers about safes and much more

What is the difference between an armoured door and a vault door?

The main difference lies in the structure. An armoured door is not cemented, unlike a vault door. This feature therefore guarantees greater difficulty of break-ins in any attack by burglars or thieves.

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How do I know what level of security I need?

Vuesse products are carefully certified by competent bodies to ensure that they are fireproof and burglar-proof. In order to understand what level of security your safe or armoured cabinet should have, you need to ask your insurance company, which, thanks to its expertise and the data in its possession, is able to assess the amount that can be insured and consequently the essential security features.

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What size should my safe be?

Choosing a safe involves a careful analysis of several factors that must be defined before purchase. First of all, you need to know what will be stored inside, so the contents will affect the volume of the safe. Another condition that should not be underestimated is the destination: it is important to know where it will be placed, whether delivery is on the ground floor, first floor or basement, whether the area can be reached by heavy vehicles, and what the space for movement is like.

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What type of safe suits you?

The right safe can be identified by taking into account a number of characteristics that vary depending on the content to be protected, the area in which it is located, and the intended use. Obviously, whether it is an individual, a bank or a business, the assets to be safeguarded are different and the needs may change.

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How do I choose the right lock?

Obviously, the choice of the best lock for your security system is important and mostly falls on a key-operated lock or an electronic lock. The main difference lies in having a key that needs hiding or memorising a code to access your assets stored inside.

Can the safe be customised?

Any product supplied by Vuesse can be customised to your liking or following well-defined projects. Thanks to the company's technical department and machining stations, the shapes, colours and finishes of any product, from safes to armoured cabinets and vaults, can be modified.

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Why are similar products priced differently?

The level of security of a safe is the main reason for the price difference between similar products. Having a certified safe means guaranteeing according to exacting European standards, the degree of burglary and fire resistance, as well as well-defined insurance protection.

What must I do if I have lost the combination to my safe?

If, after the necessary checks, you are unable to retrieve the key or combination to open your safe, Vuesse, through its opening service, is able to open a security system by using the appropriate procedures to ensure the least possible impact on the structure to guarantee its integrity.

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