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Luxury Range

Safe? Yes, but with class!

When the need for security meets design, a completely innovative line is created, designed primarily for the luxury market. The elegance of the safes lined with the finest materials gives the room a touch of class that standard safes cannot provide. Meticulously finished products designed to protect valuable assets such as jewellery, documents, works of art, and fine wines can become part of the furnishings with a unique touch of originality, without forgetting certified security.

As safe as a fortress, as beautiful as a work of art

We are not just talking about safes! The luxury line is also available for vaults and armoured cabinets. Each product Vuesse offers can be tailored to suit all those environments that require harmony in shape and detail.

luxury range safes

Fine materials

Quality leather and fabric upholstery, elegant marble and precious wood finishes.



State-of-the-art locks and alarm devices, ventilation systems, surveillance systems and remote management.



Sophisticated shapes, trendsetting colours and lines that follow true interior design projects.


A unique line of safes that can be customised in every detail, from leather or other quality fabric upholstery to marble or fine wood finishes and state-of-the-art locks. The right safe to enrich any interior, giving a touch of class and extreme design.


A strongroom built with every comfort following modern furnishing and design lines: luxury interiors, state-of-the-art furnishings, innovative lighting and technology. Security created with a view to modern style and design to protect yourself and your valuables inside your home.

jewelry in the luxury vault

When it comes to design and security,

choose Vuesse.

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